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7 Ways To Save On Scentsy


7 Ways To Save On Scentsy

7 ways 7 Ways To Save On Scentsy


1 ~ The Closeout section: Here you’ll find lots of discontinued items at discounted prices.

2 ~ The Combine and Save section: Save money by bundling. Get bars by the 3 pack or 6 pack, double warmer combos w/bars, Layers combo sets and so much MORE!

3 ~ My monthly specials: Signup for my free monthly newsletter and receive info on my specials and freebies via e-mail every month. You can unsubscribe at any time.

4 ~ Host a party: Get your Scentsy fix for free and half-price by hosting a party. Not in the Wausau, WI area? Host a book or online party and receive the same great rewards. Contact me today to find out what my host special is this month!

5 ~ Have your $150+ order placed as a party. Contact me directly and I can have your order placed as a party. It only takes $150 to receive free and 1/2 price host rewards, $15+ in free product (10%) PLUS free shipping! Not to mention extra goodies for my host special that month!

6 ~ Become a Scentsy consultant! Why not let your love of Scentsy make you some extra spending money? Join my team and I can show you how to get your fix for free and 1/2 price! The product alone you receive with your starter kit is worth more than the $99 it costs, not to mention 80 party-sized testers! The only requirement to stay on as a consultant is to order more than $0 the last 6 months of the year (between July and Dec).

7 ~ Transition months! February and August are transition months, which means 10% off! My monthly specials sweeten the deal even more! Sign up for my free newsletter and you’ll receive an e-mail every month informing you of what’s new, my monthly specials and MORE!

Signup for my newsletter for my specials, promos and so much MORE!

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