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Did You Know ~ Scentsy FAQ Answered


Scentsy FAQ ~ Did You Know?

Here’s a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) I’ve encountered over the past few years. If you have a question that’s not addressed here, please contact me so I can answer your question and add it to this page. If you’re wondering about it, chances are someone else is too.  ;)

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Bars/Cubes | Wax Contents | Wax Removal | Light Bulbs
Safety | Lifetime Warranty | Mixing Brands | Warmer Location
New Items | New Lines for 2012 | Joining Scentsy


  • Q: Aren’t scentsy products overpriced?
  • A: It’s not as expensive as some people may think. Did you know that Scentsy warmers come with a Lifetime Warranty? Yes, you could buy a cheaper warmer in the store for about half or a third of the price, but when that warmer stops working, can you take it back to the store and get a new one? Once you buy the warmer, each Scentsy Bar is only $5. Depending on how often you change the cubes, it’s only $5-$10/month to maintain. That’s about the same price as a large jar candle, but without the fire hazard and black soot on your walls and ceilings. Do you know about the Combine and Save bundles? Get your warmer and bars for less by purchasing them together as a multi-pack. You can also sign up for my free newsletter for information on my monthly specials and promotions or you can pickup discontinued warmers at a discount price on the Close-Out page. Last, but certainly not least, there are ways to get your Scentsy for Free and Half-price without having a home party.

  • Licensed Warmers

  • Q: Why are the licensed warmers more expensive?
  • A: Licensed warmers such as the Campus Collection and Charitable Cause warmers cost a little more because a portion of the proceeds go to that university or charity. To make the most of the contribution, they are priced slightly higher ($5 more).

  • Combine and Save $

  • Q: How can I get my Scentsy cheaper or at a discount?
  • A: Scentsy has Combine and Save packages where you can save anywhere from $1 up to $15 on multi-packs. Did you know that you can save $5 by purchasing a 6-pack of bars (buy 5, get 1 free) rather than ordering those 6 bars separately? It must be ordered under the 6-pack bundle online though (the website won’t give you the $5 off if it’s not ordered under the 6-pack option). You can also pickup warmers at a discount price on the Close-Out page, or you can get your Scentsy for Free and Half-price.

  • Free and Half-Price

  • Q: How can I get my Scentsy for free or half-price?
  • A: All online orders over $150 receive half-price online shopping rewards as well as Free Shipping. Contact me and I’ll place your $150+ order as a party so you can also get free product (10% of the order amount), as well as the ability to use certain Combine and Save packages as half-price host rewards. Free product and Combine and Save 1/2 price options are only available if the order is placed as a party. Don’t have the $150 to spend? Host a party! You don’t have to have a home party, it can be a book party, bag party (with all 80+ mini testers) or strictly an online party. Here are the Host Rewards you’ll receive.

  • Shipping ETA

  • Q: How long do scentsy orders usually take?
  • A: Scentsy’s policy is to have orders shipped within 7-10 business days, of course I have rarely had an order take that long. Most orders are received within a week of placing it. The only time I’ve had an order take almost all of the 7-10 days to ship is when it’s a transition month (end of Feb or Aug) because they’re changing out the seasonal products and things are pretty crazy around there. Just remember that if you place an order on a Friday, it’s not going anywhere during the weekend. It’ll usually print and ship by Wednesday or so and you’ll have it Friday or early the next week (depending on where you are from the closest distribution center).

  • Shipping Costs

  • Q: How much is shipping on a scentsy warmer?
  • A: Standard shipping for Scentsy products within the U.S. is:
  • $8 minimum for orders under $80
  • 10% on orders $80 and over
  • Free shipping on orders over $150

  • Free Shipping

  • Q: How can I get free shipping?
  • A: All orders over $150 receive free shipping. Most parties are over the $150 minimum, and therefore most parties receive free shipping. Online orders over $150 automatically receive free shipping as well. You can also contact your local consultant. If they have a party order going in, they can place your order with that party to get you free shipping as well.

  • Scentsy Bars and/or Cubes

  • Q: Are scentsy bars like wax tarts?
  • A: Yes. There is no wick to light, because the wax is warmed by the heat from the light bulb in the electric Scentsy candle warmer. Each bar contains 8 cubes you break off. 1 cube is approximately double the size of a store bought ice cube and roughly 1/2 the size of a homemade ice cube. However, you only need 1 cube in your warmer (not nearly as much as a full tart). Scentsy products are made from food-grade paraffin wax and oils.
  • Q: How much does a scentsy bar cost?
  • A: Each bar contains 8 cubes and costs $5. However, you can save money by purchasing them in Combine and Save packs. A 3-pack costs $14 (saves you $1), while a 6-pack costs $25 and saves you $5 (buy 5, get 1 free).
  • Q: Where can I buy scentsy bars or bricks?
  • A: Scentsy bricks have been discontinued and are no longer available (these were the size of a brick of baking chocolate). Scenty bars are not available in stores. You can purchase them online here or your local consultant may have the scents you’re looking for on hand. Don’t forget about the Combine & Save 6-pack that’ll save you $5.
  • Q: How long do Scentsy bars and cubes smells last/work?
  • A: It really depends on the scent. Some scents are more potent than others, and some last longer than others. Some scents I can only smell for 1 day, and others I can smell for 3 days. Keep in mind though, that your sensory adaptation will kick in, so even if you can’t smell it, others will. I’ve had plenty of instances where I forgot to change my cube and someone came into my house and said how nice it smelled.
  • Q: How often should I change out my Scentsy cube?
  • A: It’s really up to you and your preference. Each bar contains 8 cubes and costs $5. If you change your cube twice a week, it’ll only cost you $5/month (1 bar). If you change it every other day, it’ll cost you $10/month (2 bars). I leave mine going 24/7 and I change mine twice a week (Wed and Sun) so 1 bar lasts me an entire month. If you’re more interested in having it smell it’s best at all times, I’d say change it every other day. If you’d rather save money, change it twice a week. Regardless of which option you choose, visitors will still smell it either way, and I think we all want a great smelling home.
  • Q: How long can you store scentsy bars?
  • A: I’ve never heard of anyone having an issue with this. I’ve had Bring Back My Bar scents for a few years (because I stocked up/hoarded certain scents) and they still worked perfectly when I warmed them. I’ve heard of people recycling their wax (when they don’t smell it any more) by putting it in the freezer and they say it smells like brand new when they melt it again, so I don’t think there’s really an “expiration date” to them.
  • Q: What scentsy scents are best?
  • A: This is really just a matter of preference. For example, I prefer sweet scents like bakery, tropical and Holiday scents and I don’t care for spa and romance scents. If you’re not sure, it’s best to stick with scents in the Favorites category, because they’re the best selling and most loved scents.

  • Wax Contents

  • Q: What’s in the kind of wax scentsy products use?
  • Q: Are scentsy products soy or paraffin?
  • A: Scentsy bars are made from food-grade paraffin wax (like they coat apples with) and oils (see the answer to the next question below).
  • Q: Are scentsy candles all natural?
  • A: Each fragrance might be composed of several types of oils: Essential oils, which are natural oils extracted from plants and flowers; Absolute oils, which are highly aromatic, concentrated, oily mixtures extracted from plants; Synthetic oils, which are man-made scents that duplicate a particular fragrance. The materials Scentsy uses in our fragrances exceeds current U.S. safety standards, and our fragrance houses adhere strictly to safety consumer and environmental guidelines.

  • Wax Removal

  • Q: How to clean/remove wax from a scentsy warmer?
  • A: This is a matter of preference. I prefer to get the wax out while it’s still melted, because I don’t want to wait for it to cool. I simply pour the wax into the garbage, and take a paper towel to wipe the dish out. I know some people who use just a single Kleenex. Others prefer to shut the warmer off and wait until it’s a little cooled and they use a spatula to wipe the half-hardened wax out. Others wait until the wax is completely hard, then you can use a credit card, your fingernail, whatever you like to pop the wax out.
    WARNING! I’ve heard of people placing their dish in the freezer to speed up the hardening process. From what I understand, this could void your Lifetime Warranty, so I don’t recommend it. If you’re impatient (like me), just wipe it out while it’s still warm and melted. After some time, you may have some brown spots in the dish. Don’t panic, this is a quick fix by just using a plastic scrubby and hot water. I don’t recommend using steel wool or anything that could damage the finish. I also don’t recommend putting your dish in the dishwasher, as this may ALSO void your warranty. I’m not sure if it will or not, so try at your own risk.
  • Q: How do you get hot scentsy oil/wax out of carpet, furniture & clothes?
  • A: This question has been asked a LOT. While I haven’t had to remove wax from anything (yet), I’ve had customers who HAVE. The following things are what my customers have said worked for them. Start with either an old clean towel, 3 paper towels folded in half (so there’s 6 layers) or a paper bag (all 3 of these have been said to work – choose your method). Lay whichever weapon you choose over the wax, then use an iron (set on a fairly low temp) and gently run the iron over it for about 30 seconds. The wax should soak or lift right up into the towel, paper towels or paper bag.
  • Q: How do you get stains from scentsy oil/wax out of carpet, furniture & clothes?
  • A: If the wax leaves a stain, put Dawn dish soap on the stain (it HAS to be Dawn brand – from what I understand the other brands do not work as well), let it soak for a couple of hours, then scrub it out. Repeat if necessary.

  • Light Bulbs

  • Q: How do I know what size light bulb my Scentsy warmer takes?
  • A: If you look inside your warmer, there should be a sticker that says what bulb wattage it takes. Mid-size warmers (incl. premium) take 20 watt bulbs, full-size (premium too) take 25 watt, and the plug-in bulbs seem to cause the most questions. Plug-ins require a 15 watt bulb. A standard “night light” bulb is 4-7 watts, which won’t get hot enough to melt the wax. Some stores DO carry 15 watt bulbs, but from what I understand, they’re more expensive than the $1 Scentsy charges for them.
  • Q: Where can I buy scentsy bulbs?
  • A: Scentsy bulbs are not available in stores. You can purchase them online here or your local consultant may even have some on hand. I keep all 3 bulbs on hand for my local customers, and because I don’t want to run out of bulbs myself. It’s a good idea to stock up on bulbs the next time you place an order to keep extra on hand. Nobody wants to pay the minimum shipping charge for a $1 light bulb.
  • Q: How long do Scentsy light bulbs last?
  • A: I leave my warmers on 24/7 (I never shut them off) and I think it’s usually around every 6 months or so that I have to change the bulbs. Sometimes they last even longer. There isn’t really a set amount of time (that I know of).

  • Safety

  • Q: Are Scentsy warmers safe to leave on?
  • A: Absolutely! I’ve had the same warmers going 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for over 3 years now without a problem. The only time I turn them off is when I have to replace a light bulb. You’ve already gotten rid of the biggest fire hazard by switching from traditional candles to Scentsy. Also, because the wax melts at such a low temperature, it doesn’t get hot enough to burn your children or pets. I haven’t heard of a single safety issue regarding Scentsy in the 3+ years I’ve been selling it and none of my customers have had any problems.

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Q: What kind of warranty/guarantee does my Scentsy warmer have?
  • A: Scentsy warmers have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. If your warmer quits working for any reason (other than you damaging or breaking it), you can get it replaced. Simply contact a Scentsy consultant. It doesn’t have to be the original consultant you purchased it from and the consultant doesn’t need the order number to get it replaced for you. You can find info on the Lifetime Replacement Warranty on the back of your order form receipt. If your consultant doesn’t seem eager to resolve your issue, contact me and I’ll be more than happy to help you get your replacement warmer coming. I know I wouldn’t want to be without mine.

  • Mixing Brands

  • Q: Can I use Yankee or other tarts/waxes in my Scentsy warmer?
  • A: There are a few things to consider before you try this. First, using a different wax may void the Lifetime Warranty on your Scentsy warmer. Second, Scentsy bars are specially designed to melt at a LOW temperature, so the non-Scentsy wax may not even melt if it’s designed to melt over a flame or in a warmer with a higher wattage.
  • Q: Can I use Scentsy bars in a different (non-Scentsy) warmer?
  • A: Again, Scentsy bars are specially designed to melt at a LOW temperature, so depending on the wattage of the non-Scentsy warmer, you could have issues with the scent not lasting as long, smelling like burnt wax, or maybe even boiling wax issues if the temperature is much higher. I would say try this at your own risk.

  • Warmer Location

  • Q: Why can’t I smell my Scentsy throughout my whole house?
  • A: To get the most out of your Scentsy, it should be placed in a central location in your home. If you don’t have any place to put it that’s centrally located, I’d suggest having one on each end of the house. It doesn’t have to be a full-size warmer, you can have a full-size on one end, and a plug-in on the other. Just keep in mind that plug-ins are best for smaller spaces. If you’re in an apartment, 2 plug-ins (1 on each side) may be all you need, but if you want the scent to carry through an entire house, I’d suggest going with full-size warmers for maximum scent disbursement.

  • New Items

  • Q: Is scentsy selling different items?
  • A: Absolutely! Scentsy is always adding new items to it’s fragrance line. There’s the new Layers by Scentsy which includes bath, body and laundry products in the most popular scents (more scents coming in the Fall/Winter catalog in September).

  • New Lines/Brands For 2012

  • Q: What is scentsy’s new line for 2012?
  • A: Scentsy just came out with 2 new lines (brands) in 2012. There’s the new Velata Fondue (launched in May 2012) ~ It’s chocolate warmed by art! No scorching, no stirring, and easy clean up. Simply melt, pour and party! Velata’s silicone dish is microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe. The warmers use a patent-pending technology that keeps the melted chocolate at the perfect temperature—warm enough to stay melted, but not so hot that it scorches. There are 14 unique warmer designs that use a 25-watt light bulb—the same type of light bulb used in a Full-Size Scentsy Warmer. There are currently 4 premium Belgian chocolate choices: milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate and caramel milk chocolate (with more options coming soon).Then there’s the Scentsy’s latest brand (launched August 1st, 2012) Grace Adele. Grace Adele offers a way to create unique, customized looks with bags, clutches, accessories, and jewelry that all complement each other. This is called the Grace Adele Style System™. If you’d like to get in on the ground floor of one of these new brands, now is the perfect time! Be one of the first consultants right out of the gate! My join page will take you to your selection of brand. I’m quite sure you’ll see plenty more new brands/lines from Scentsy in the coming years. Here are the new items in the Scentsy line.

  • Joining Scentsy

  • Q: What does it cost to join scentsy?
  • A: The Starter Kit is $99 ($115 w/tax and shipping) and contains everything you need to get started.
  • Q: How fast will I make my investment back?
  • A: The amount of actual product alone you get with the Starter Kit is worth more than the $115 (and that’s not including the testers, catalogs, etc. that also come with it). As if that’s not enough, most consultants earn their money back after their very first party. My first party was my “launch party”, so I was the consultant AND the hostess. My party sold $459, so I got $68 in free product, 3 half-price items and a $90 commission check the following month. It MORE than paid for itself (in my opinion) after my first party.
  • Q: What are the minimum sales requirements for Scentsy consultants?
  • A: You only have to sell $150 during one month every 3rd month. So, basically, if you sell at least $150 in the month of April, you don’t have to worry about selling $150 again until July. With a new seasonal catalog coming out every 6 months, Bring Back My Bars in between and the warmer and scent of the month, it’s really not hard to do.
  • Q: What if I can’t get anybody to book a party?
  • A: If you’re worried about it, ask your friends and family. Post a message on Facebook and tell them you’re thinking about becoming a Scentsy consultant and want to know if anybody would be willing to have a party. I bet you’ll get a better response than you think, and it’ll calm your fears. If you’re still worried about it, have a party! Ask your Scentsy consultant if you can have a party first, and then if you’re satisfied with the results, you can sign up that night and have your party placed under YOU. Make sure you talk to your consultant about this first. I’m sure they’ll be looking forward to the commission and this may be dropping a bomb on them at the last minute if you haven’t talked it over with them before.
  • Q: Is there a penalty if I decide to quit?
  • A: Not at all. The Scentsy business opportunity is as risk-free as it gets. If you decide it’s not for you, you can simply quit. If you just want to join to get out and meet people, that’s fine. If you want to signup just to get your own stuff free and half-price, that’s fine too! You can quit any time without penalty. It’s your business. Join for whatever reason you wish and if you decide you don’t want to do it any more, it’s ok.
  • Q: When’s the best time to join Scentsy?
  • A: During “transition months” – February and August are the best months to join. Why? Because during transition months, new consultants receive EXTRA goodies! You’ll get testers for BOTH Spring and Fall, as well as catalogs for BOTH seasons. Use the testers for samples, keep them for the following season, or melt them down yourself. Use the extra catalogs to kick start your first month by putting them all over town like business cards. They were free anyway, so why not get them out there while you still have a month to do so?
  • Q: What else is there?
  • A: Here’s some more FAQ answered for you, but if there’s something I’ve forgotten to mention, or you have a question that’s not listed here, feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to answer any other questions you may have.
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