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Double Host Rewards in January!!

Host a party in January and get DOUBLE the half price Host Rewards!! Choose from a home party or a bag party. The bag party is a great alternative to having a home party. Rather than having everyone at your home, you can simply take the sample bag (all 80+ scent testers) to work, to your friends and family, or simply have a “girls’ night” to introduce your friends to Scentsy. Not in the Wausau, WI area? You can still host a book or online party and reap the same great rewards.

With the return of the Bring Back My Bars for January only, your party is sure to be a hit! Get your Bring Back My Bars for free and half price, and take advantage of MY January host special to sweeten the deal that much MORE!

Schedule your party now to cash in on the double host rewards in January!

rewards doubled2013 Double the Host Rewards in January!!

The average home party sells between $400-$1,000, which would normally get you 3 half priced items, but in January you’ll receive DOUBLE that for a total of 6 half priced items. The average book/bag party sells between $250-$400 (2 half price items, but you’ll receive 4 in January!). I’ve even had a few book/bag parties that sold $600-$1,000 (what a home party usually sells).

* Double host rewards does not apply to the free product credit, only the half price rewards. Charitable cause warmers, licensed warmers, and most combine and save bundles are excluded from 1/2 price rewards (as always).


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