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Bring Back My Bar   for July 2011
Tomorrow (April 27th) is the last day to vote for your favorite retired Scentsy candles to come back in the July 2011 Bring Back My Bar contest. If you didn’t vote, you have no control over which 20 Scentsy candles scents come back. (Vote for Patchouli, Sweet Indulgence and Grape Granita). That was a subliminal message, it didn’t actually occur. LOL

VOTE TO BRING BACK MY BAR (through April 27th, 2011)



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  1. Lisa Marie Taggart

    2011 Apr 26 1

    Vote for your favorite retired Scentsy candles! Tomorrow deadline for Bring Back My Bar July 2011. http://fb.me/XZyXadAp

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